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I'm Birthday Suiting Up!

If you been reading this blog for more than a year then you know how much I love my birthday.  Last year I celebrated 3 times in two different cities because I like to think of myself as a celebrity.  This year, on the verge of 30, I kept things a little more low key.  I kick started my birthday celebrating on Saturday with family and friends at my house and eventually making our way to a local sports bar.

We snacked on my favorites - onion dip with ruffles and homemade ranch with veggies!  People chow (aka Muddie Buddies) and brownie bites on the sweeter side.  It was a hit with my guests, there was barely anything left.  My Dad snapped a bunch of pictures before we left (more to come) because no party would be complete without a photo booth!

I'm a lucky girl to have so many wonderful people in my life.  December is such a busy month for everyone, but year after year these people take the night off from celebrating Jesus' birthday and celebrate mine instead!


My naughty little furball turns 3 today!  He was one of four in his litter and the way they differentiated him from the rest was with a light blue ribbon. Hence the nickname, Baby Blue.  To this day my friend Diana, the breeder, still refers to him as baby blue. It's hard to believe that I've kept this guy alive and healthy for three whole years!  We've moved three times since Oscar came into my life.  Living in Natomas, moving in with my parents and now we happily reside in the La Riviera Palace.  Together we've come so far :)


My littlest sister turns 23 today!  Caitlin and I were each others' favorite sisters when we were little.  As the "baby" Caitlin had her own room while Kendall and I shared a room.  One day while Kendall was gone at a friends or something we decided that we liked each other so much that we wanted to share a room.  We took it upon ourselves that day to move Kendall into the baby's room.  Caitlin and I shared from that day forward until I moved out at 19 years old! Love you sister!




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