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The {Almost} FINAL Day

Tomorrow is the final day to vote and make my vanity dreams come true!  Click the photo to be linked to my voting page. :)

Every VOTE Counts!

Hi Friends!

In the spirit of vanity I'm calling all who know me (or don't) to vote for my blog on the KCRA 3 A-List contest. It's become my annual tradition to strong-arm strangers at restaurants and barter with the homeless...a dollar gets me a lot of votes with that audience. So put down those burritos, get to your disgusting PC and vote, vote, vote.

Remember, you can vote via Facebook, Twitter, and your various emails. I like loop holes when they benefit me. This isn't a Presidential election (Obama is my boyfriend) so max out your votes. It's like Christmas and Tax Time all in one.

Go here and make it happen!


The Girl Kyle

Win A Pizza Party!

Okay, not really... I needed to catch your attention and what better way than to wave pizza and cupcakes in your face?  Now that you're reading this I have a favor to ask you.  A BIG one.  I need you to use your precious email(s) to sign up or log in to KCRA's city voter site and VOTE for me as Sacramento's BEST local blogger. I know I haven't been the greatest of bloggers the last year, but look whose reigning in the Top 5?! 

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 8.36.00 AM.png

Glorious Treats is totally awesome, but these other yahoos??  SERIOUSLY - let's see some real local bloggers take their rightful place at the top.  I want to be up there with Pweekly, Best Friends for Frosting and Poor Girl Eats Well!  If I win and if you're local then you may just score an invite to my victory party, which will be waaaay better than your 4th grade pizza party.  Think about it.




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