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Ahh The Memories!

{I took this photo last night, I so can't wait to get a better camera!}

This year's NYE wasn't one for the record books (sorry Elite Yelpers), but it was kind of awesome to toast Mr. Goddard and smooch those big lips of his for the second year now.  When you're still in a somewhat newer relationship I guess these little milestones mean a lot more or at least you notice them more.  I'm looking forward to MANY more NYE with Mr. G!

I wanted to reflect on 2011, my 28th year and how amazing it was!  I know Thanksgiving is usually when people share what they're grateful for, but this is my blog and I'd like to share some of my highlights for this year with you all now.

2011 Highlights

  • My first Valentine's Day with Mr. G, he surprised me with a necklace I actually loved.
  • A new position was created for me at work - I became their first Social Media Coordinator.
  • I had the privilege of baking cupcakes for my first political figure, Assemblyman Henry Perea.
  • With the help of my esthetician I hosted a social media class for fellow small businesses.
  • My photo of s'more cupcakes was featured in the LA Times, The Pantry - resulting in the highest day of blog hits I'd ever had.
  • I attended a private dress rehearsal as Britney Spears kicked off her new tour in Sacramento.  Fantastic experience!
  • A quick, fun trip to San Diego with Mr. Goddard and the CRA crew.  New restaurants, two cupcake shops, lots of free alcohol and endless fro yo.
  • Kaila and I upgraded from our little townhouse to a bigger space in beautiful East Sacramento.  Movin' on up!
  • One of the first girls in our group of friends got pregnant, first with what we thought was a girl, but now know is a boy!
  • My very best friend Simone got married and I was lucky enough to be standing next to her on her BIG day.
  • Diving further into my passion for graphic design, doing work for the California Restaurant Association, Lexus of Sacramento, Kim Shak - Esthetician and recently, a brochure for a local construction company.  Much more in the works!
  • Proud owner of a white iPad 2!

2011 was so, so terrific to me and I'm excited to see what's in store for the upcoming year.  I've got a feeling it will be amazing and I'm ready for it!

Don’t ask me why, but we wrote resolutions on Popsicle sticks and then burned them.

My NYE kiss.

Kinda looks like I’m grabbing own boob due to our ridiculous matching looks. Not planned. I swear.




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