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What's My Niche?

Ever since I took a blogging introduction class a couple months ago with Alejandro Reyes I've been reading as much as I can on blogging.  Everyone has advice to share on what makes a good blogger and/or how to be successful.  One reoccurring suggestion I've come across that's stuck out for me is FIND YOUR NICHE and if I browse through my favorite blogs it's usually quite easy to tell what their niches are.  Daily fashion outfits, amazing cooks or photographers, those with addictive senses of humors and then there's me. I keep asking myself, what's my niche??

People say I'm funny sometimes, but I don't think my sarcasm translates well over text.  I tried the daily outfits for awhile, but I'm not thin enough nor adventurous enough.  Oh!  And this isn't going to turn into a weight loss blog either.  Granted, their needs to be some weight loss going over here, but I'm not really interested in putting my chubby bunny stats all over the internet.  So I continue to roll over the idea in my head and I'm starting to think I have settled on a few. According to what I've read you want to keep your focus somewhat narrow instead of trying to be something to something to everyone.

Here's what I've come up with.  This is most definitely a lifestyle blog or "lifecasting" as Julia Allison calls it.  It's online journal of sorts where I'm sharing my daily life and photo chronicling what I've been up to.  Secondary I'm definitely about baking!  You can definitely except lots of cupcakes, which I've been doing for roughly four years and I did not start because it was/is "in".  I'll have to share that funny story one of these days! Competing for my 3rd niche would be graphic design or social media.  I took several graphic design classes in college and thanks to an ex-boyfriend I have the entire Adobe Creative Suite which I LOVE.  Maybe to the point of obsessive.  Graphic design has definitely helped me embrace my inner nerd.  My inner nerd has developed a big crush on social media and it seems I have a small knack for it. So I think I can safely answer "what's your niche" now and you know what to expect in the future!

Have you guys heard of this new social media platform?  If you follow Julia Allison then the answer is probably yes.  From what I can tell so far, it’s a very simply directory that people can belong to as a way to quickly share all your social media accounts in one place!  I love the simplicity of it and I like to be able have all my connections in one place. The name pretty much says it all!

GK Factoids: Part 2

I am soo tardy on this post for Julie’s Factual Monday, but better late than never right? I tried to include some birthday factoids in honor of her recent birthday celebration :) Have a great start to the week people!!

  1. Every time I go to a makeup counter to get new foundation and have them match my skin tone I am disappointed. It’s always a shock seeing that full bottle and I think, I really am that white? As if one day I will suddenly go and have become half brazilian or something.
  2. I am sure this is true of many people, but I love, LOVE paper goods. Letterpress, planners, stationary, calling cards, wedding invitations - you name it. I frequently search “calling cards” on Etsy looking for the most perfect ones because a real lady needs calling cards to give to handsome suitors. Right?
  3. My worst, most awful habit is… biting my nails (AND cuticles). I seriously hate it and can never seem to stop no matter how much I scold myself. I’m trying really hard to have somewhat presentable nails for Malia’s wedding in June, but I’m not feeling to hopeful right now.
  4. I have had two surprise parties in my lifetime. One was when I turned 16. I walked in absolutely livid that I couldn’t join family friends for a movie. {They were trying to get me home for the surprise.} Oops! And the other was when I turn 24. I immediately burst into tears. It had been an emotional year, right at the end of ending a rocky 6 year relationship. For some reason, all those people in my home was overwhelming.

I was supposed to be born on Christmas Day, but thankfully I had the foresight to be upside down, making it impossible to come naturally. I came via C-section instead and my Mom was home in time for Christmas :)




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