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Hey Social Media Gurus!

I was wondering if any of you out there are involve with SM at work?

After half-assing Facebook and Twitter for the last couple of years my work has decided to jump on the bandwagon. There’s discussion of putting yours truly in charge of this, but I need help! It’s one thing when you’re doing this for personal enjoyment, but this is where results really matter.

Anyone open for sharing some advice? Could you offer some resources, the best online tools or how to even put together a SM proposal? I would love any and all help. Even if you know someone who knows someone who knows this guy…

Email me!

Email: Mailman Advice from Wifey's Coworker

Tell Kyle to make flash cards for her mailman. “Are you single? [ ]yes [ ]no”

If he marks yes, the next one says, “Pick a date, we should have dinner”

If he says NO, “Let me know when you are please!”

Any amount of awkward that comes from that exchange can’t be any worse than pining over him everyday.

You could ask his last name so you can see what your married name would be but that might possibly make him run away as fast as possible

Coworker Steve, single life can be sooo amusing to married people.




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