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Spotted: A Fabulous New Catalog!

  1. Set of Three Felted Bow Ties/Stripes
  2. Trunks and Bikinis
  3. Rustic Metal Letter/K
  4. Wire Heart Photo/Card Holder

This afternoon my Mom turned me on to a new catalog and so far I love what I see.  I thought I'd share this anthro-esque site with all of you.  There's a mix of shabby chic home items that no one really needs.  For those of us on a budget you should check out the gifts < $20 section.

DIY: Pom Pom Bib - No Sewing Required!

My awesome mother sent me an email for a craft she thought would be perfect for me. She was right! No sewing?! Glue gun art? Yes please!

I fully plan on trying this out this weekend! If you lust for one of your very own then check out this cute mommy blog for all the steps!

The new Anthropologie catalog came today and there are so many beautiful dresses I desire.  Too bad I don’t have a spare $200 lying around :(




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