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My Weekend According To My iPhone

I could have literally filled every picture in this collage with a different cocktail.  Friday and Saturday I celebrated my friend's 21st birthday.  I gave it my best shot and partied like I was a decade younger!  We braved the heat on Saturday and rode bike's from East Sac to Midtown and back.  Each stop we guzzled a refreshingly cold beverage from champagne to lemon drop shooters to margaritas.  Nothing was out of the question.  On Sunday I switched gears, staying in bed and watching movies all day with the pups.  It was glorious and I didn't let the heat wave hold me down.

Happy Birthday Mom!


If it weren't for this woman I would have never brushed my hair.  I would have been that child in elementary school with a rat's nest.  If it weren't for my mom I would have been wearing my leg cast for all of third grade - she and the doctor were sure that bone was fixed.  I would have never started wearing a bra.  I would have never had the best french braids in volleyball.  I would have never even started playing volleyball.  I might have had to work a lot more community service hours after a certain "incident".  I would have never had the awesome restaurant experiences I had.  I learned the art of hosting and throwing a fab party.  At 26 I could have been homeless if it wasn't for her.  Even today I would be biking to work instead of driving.  I'm almost certain I would have died by now from too much Top Ramen and not enough home-cooked meals. Love you!

My {Holiday} Weekend According To My iPhone

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I wish I had a three day weekend every month.  That would definitely bring sanity to most people I think, one extra day to play catchup from the crazy month.  Having Monday off was AH-mazing.  You could take that extra day to relax or take a short trip...  I think I'm on to something here, don't you agree? 

My weekend blew by in a haze of high altitude, endless beverages and beautiful scenery.  I kicked off the celebrations on Friday by baking 4 dozen cupcakes and celebrating two birthdays downtown.  Mr. G and I went to Tahoe on Saturday with a handful of friends to celebrate another birthday!  Road trip!  We drank, we sunned, we gambled and yesterday we even squeezed in Fast & The Furious 6.  SO GOOD.  After all that I even managed to get myself in bed by 10 last night.  A grand success!

How did you you manage to celebrate your three days off?




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