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My Weekend According to My iPhone

Weekends like this are the kind that make me appreciate when I have nothing going on.  Saturday I went non-stop except when I stopped briefly to changes dresses and head to the next event!  I can kind of see now why celebrities get tired of partying.  It's a lot of work to be so glamorous.  And to answer your question, yes, I am still able to fit my big head through the door!

Happy Monday!

Country Rugged: Bridal Shower Part 2

Simone had her hometown bridal shower this weekend in the quaint town of Kernville.  I hyperlinked that so you could see exactly what I'm talking about here.  It makes Sacramento feel like the big city y'all.  The venue?  Small town bed & breakfast with close friends and family.  There was champagne to drink.  Cake to eat and I was one happy MOH. Oh Simone?

She got  a lot of wonderful gifts, including lingerie and an old fire extinguisher that her fiance will die over!  Only 68 more days until the wedding!!

Woodland Chic: A Bridal Shower

I'm so thrilled that after months of planning I'm finally able to share the details of Simone's bridal shower that took place last weekend!  As I've mentioned several times before and in several places... It was a big job and I couldn't have done it without all my friends and family.  And I'm not kidding!  I had Mr. Goddard and Diana haul every precious detail up in the vehicles.  My Dad cooked the chicken for the sandwiches.  My sister took almost 200 awesome photos.  My mom prepped and came early the morning of and of course all the lovely bridesmaids we're right by my side the whole way!  We make this look easy! The bride was a huge help too!  She planned the menu for the shower which might sound a little bridezilla to those of you who don't know us, but if it had been left up to me I would have been serving pizza and chicken nuggets... Or I would have thought only about dessert because that's how I am.

The inspiration for this entire party started with Simone's absurd desire for a pet squirrel in college and the adorable invitation I stumbled upon on Etsy.  From there, woodland chic was born.




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