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New In The Shop: Speech Bubble Calling Card

If you're just joining me then you may not be aware that I dabble in graphic design.  I use the word dabble lightly because I actually love, love, love it! If you're interested in parties, prints and printables then you should favorite my Etsy shop.  I'm trying to add new things as fast as I can so stay tuned!

{Etsy Shop} In The Works

After months of discussion with my esthetician {the lovely Kim Shak} we've finally - FINALLY - begun working on her printed materials.  Somewhat of an easy task because she had all these things done by a "real" professional when she first when begun Pure, but her business card phone number is outdated and she's been out of menus for ages!  I just have to work on the existing idea, but update things a little.  Like adding the QR code for her tech savvy clients.  It will be a quick way for people to get connected with all of her social media platforms. Kim is going for a simple, but earthy feel with her greens and browns.  We've ended up dumping the leafy scrolls altogether, but I liked them so much that I'm working on a new calling card for my shop as we speak!  What do you think?

Notice Anything Different?

I don't know why, but when I typed out that title it made me think of Sweet Valley High when Jessica Wakefield lost her virginity.  She went to the mirror the next morning to see if she looked any different.  I always thought that was weird.  ANYWAYS - still with me?  If you're a very detail oriented reader you may have noticed a new addition to my sidebar yesterday. I've been contemplating opening an etsy shop for a long time, but the question was always what to sell.  I've always been artistic and crafty so it was a tough decision and therefore I abandoned it.  Then I became a maid of honor and set out to throw the best bridal shower our friends had ever attended.  (They've attended a lot!)  I immediately turned to etsy for all the personal touches I was looking for, but when it came down to it I didn't want to spend the money when I KNEW I could create the items myself.  So I put in the work for my best friend and the idea was born!  Starting with printables seems like the obvious choice now - easy to customize and no S&H!

I wasn't really planning to add my first listing yesterday, but I just got SO excited I figured why the hell not?!  It's only twenty cents!  I know there's not much to see right now, but I have a ton of things in the works.  Please keep an eye out in the upcoming days.  In the meantime, here's a small look:





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