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I’m really excited for this class over at Decor8, but I’m worried about the $59.  I still am in the process of putting together my Britney outfit for the concert.  My sister wants me to now buy the house WITH her.  Aaaahhh money, money, money!!

I’m trying to remind myself that it’s an investment.  Holly at Decor8 is a successful blogger and it’s not every day you can pick someone’s brain like that.  Laura at HeyMissy is working on putting together a fabulous website for me.  It seems like a perfect opportunity…  And if I could continue baking, something I really enjoy, and actually make money doing something I already do… Why not talk to an expert and make the most of my blog and future website?

Laura?  Candi?  What have you two decided??

Who knew you could take a class online?  That’s hosted by a blogger?  That’s just so cool. It’s like the best kind of education because you get to pick exactly what you want to take. You, the “instructor” and rest of the class get to tailor the class exactly to your liking.  I know not all are like this, but it’s intrigued me ever sense I saw it on A Beautiful Mess. I missed her sign up time though :(

I’m really looking forward to this class with Holly at Decor8. There is sooo much when it comes to the blogging world, sooo much to learn and I think I’m fairly techy?! Hopefully there will be lots of improvements over on my other blog, The Sweet Indulgence.

This was originally posted over on Decor8 and now thanks to them I WANT!  How could you not want this stylish purse for a mere $78?  Coming from Anthopologie that is considered “cheap”.




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