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Do you believe that our dreams hold certain meaning?

I'm Dreaming Men

I think I’m hormonal.  Or my subconcious is.  The last three nights I’ve had dreams about men in my life.  Past and present.  Each one has been long and vivid, the kind where you wake up still feeling the emotions.  So weird.

Sunday Night: I dreamt about Mailman and essentially it was like reality. We were at work, he came in, we flirted.  Disappointing!  Although he told me I should ask him out and argued why doesn’t he ask ME out?! Haha

Monday Night: I had a weird dream about MexEx moving out of his place in Southern California and I just happened to be walking down the street and saw MY dressers in the garage.  I started frantically packing the car while trying to ignore him and Bitchface planning their packing.  She and I ended up going to drop stuff off at Goodwill together. AWKWARD.  We argued, it was weird.  I woke up angry.

Tuesday Night: I dreamt that me and three friends stopped by BK’s parents house and caught up with his mom.  His GF pulled up in front of the house and his mom suggested I go because she’s insecure and she tweets so BK will find out and be mad at his mom.  We later bumped into each other and he yelled at my for visiting his mom and upsetting his gf and I was hurt he was yelling me.  I woke up still upset, I was JUST visiting his mom!

I’m kind of worried about tonight’s dream.  Will I dream about Air Force?  Will we go farther back in my dating history?  What does it all mean and why now? Three nights in a row is starting to freak me out.  

I’ll keep you posted…

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Okay ladies, here’s my imaginary bakery.  Isn’t it beautiful??




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