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New In The Shop: Speech Bubble Calling Card

If you're just joining me then you may not be aware that I dabble in graphic design.  I use the word dabble lightly because I actually love, love, love it! If you're interested in parties, prints and printables then you should favorite my Etsy shop.  I'm trying to add new things as fast as I can so stay tuned!

{Etsy Shop} In The Works

After months of discussion with my esthetician {the lovely Kim Shak} we've finally - FINALLY - begun working on her printed materials.  Somewhat of an easy task because she had all these things done by a "real" professional when she first when begun Pure, but her business card phone number is outdated and she's been out of menus for ages!  I just have to work on the existing idea, but update things a little.  Like adding the QR code for her tech savvy clients.  It will be a quick way for people to get connected with all of her social media platforms. Kim is going for a simple, but earthy feel with her greens and browns.  We've ended up dumping the leafy scrolls altogether, but I liked them so much that I'm working on a new calling card for my shop as we speak!  What do you think?

Nerd Alert: Homemade Cupcake Toppers

  I'm working on some new cupcake toppers for a 21st birthday on Friday.  I look the idea of the silhouette from her invitation and grew from there.  Hopefully you'll see them for purchase in my Etsy shop very soon!

{The fruits of my labor! I love craft projects. (Taken with instagram)}




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