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I Have News!

No like really you guys... I'm IN the news!  The LA Times!  Last Thursday in their food section, MY photo, MY name and THIS blog!  Isn't that exciting?  A few months ago a friend sent me a recipe from the LA Times for the s'more cupcake recipe you saw on here a couple weeks back.  The evening I was baking he mentioned submitting my photo of the final results to their food gallery.   So glad that he did!  The morning after I submitted my photo I was contacted by Rene at the LA Times.  After a slight mixup, she asked if I would be able to send her the photo directly so that it could be used in print the following week. In PRINT!  I couldn't be more thrilled :) If you're interested in reading what's below the photo click here.  I was not expecting to be mentioned at all!   If you'd like to see the recipe and my slight modifications click here.


The article is out.

Check it out here!!

My favorite part is: “I had never met anyone like Malia before; with her it all clicked,” Adam confidently states. AND “When I first saw Malia walking down the aisle I thought: breathtaking, gorgeous, amazing,” Adam says before adding, “and happy she wasn’t in a pink dress!” (I lied to him for over a year that I would be in a pink wedding gown ha!)

I have felt like a lucky wife for the last 5 months for many reasons, but this takes the cake.

It just shows that all your hard work paid off Malia! Congratulations!




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