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{Feel Good Friday} Hang Forever

Mr. Goddard's Big Event is fast approaching and this year's entertainment is totally smokin'.  Looks, vocals.. Ivy Levan is the total package!  Even Letterman thinks so - she performed with Sting a couple weeks ago on the late night show.  Her dress was absolutely stunning so I'm looking forward to seeing what she wears at the Crest in April.  Check out her YouTube page, download her music - Ivy is coming!

{Feel Good Friday} Well Ok, Honey

Jenny O.jpg

I don't remember where I was when I shazamed this song, but if I'd seen the video first I probably wouldn't have listened very long.  Let's just say... super low budget.  Or maybe it's a hipster thing?  I don't really know.  I can't pretend to understand hipsters over here in my mint green world with a love of stripes, cupcakes and anything preppy.  ANYWAYS.  Don't watch the video, just listen. 

Happy Friday! 

Feel Good Friday {Cruise}


This probably won't end up being the song of the summer, but it's pretty darn long as you don't watch the music video.  DON'T watch the music video.  What the hell is up with the rap/country crossover?  I love Nelly, you know that, but what is he doing at hillbilly bonfire with a bunch of white people??  That porsche wouldn't even be able to get him out in to middle of some field in the first place!

So listen.  Don't watch.  And thank you to Simone for making me aware of this very special reeeeeeemix [read in a total gangsta sort of way]!




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