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Friday Again?



Obsessing over: Nothing.  I'm glad it's the weekend already.

Working on: Everything for tomorrow's co-ed Star Wars themed bridal shower.  It's going to be legendary.

Thinking about: 4 o'clock.

Anticipating: Fun and festivities with family and friends tomorrow.  Mr. Goddard is going to meet so many amazing people tomorrow!

Listening to: Muzak on the showroom floor.

Drinking: A grande extra hot non fat caramel latte.  I'm kind of in a Starbucks rut.

Wishing for: Fabulous, cooperative weather this weekend!



Friday Check-In {5.25.12}

Obsessing over: Same as always, my to-do list.  Cupcakes to test-bake and I've got a bridal shower to prepare for!

Working on: This post.  Duh.

Thinking about: My three day weekend, it kind of just snuck up on me.  I am SO excited!

Anticipating: Time at the pool tomorrow.  There is a 30% chance of rain and I'm going to be pissed if that happens.

Listening to: Jennifer Lopez's new single, Dance Again.  Obsessed.

Drinking: A grande extra hot non fat hazelnut latte from the 'Bucks.

Wishing for: A big fat vacation.

Friday Check-In

Obsessing Over: My to-do list.  There's lots of important things on there, but I'll I'm focusing on is shaving my legs and getting a spray tan tonight!

Working On: Addressing the last of these bridal shower invites.

Thinking About: My to-do list.  I'm obsessively thinking about it.  Haha :)

Anticipating: Meeting the new babies!  Henry and Jameson are only a couple of hours old now.

Listening To: Whatever Muzak station is playing at work.

Drinking: A grande extra hot non fat caramel latte.  My usual.

Wishing: I was a little more organized.




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