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The work day is pretty much done.  Anyone else willing to share?

{Question for YOU}

Sitemeter is totally awesome because it let’s me see that I have readers from all over! Some of you check in with me almost every day. You guys have gotten to know so much about me after two years. I think it’s only fair that I know a little about you. :)

Introduce yourself, where are you from? What’s your favorite cupcake and if you could be reborn as anyone - who would it be? Anything else you’d like to confess? Please do!

I’ll go first: born and raised in Sacramento, CA. My favorite cupcake is vanilla with buttercream frosting, boring I know. If I could be reborn as anyone else I’d have to say… Rachel McAdams. She’s beautiful no matter if she’s blonde, brunette or anywhere in between. She’s successful and dates handsome men. Shallow? Haha :)

Have a happy Tuesday!




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