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My Weekend in Pictures

Since Tumblr was a hot mess yesterday I never got the chance to upload photos from my busy, busy, BUSY weekend!  Better late than never…

Simone and I worked our annual cocktail party for my parent’s friend/my dentist. We’ve been doing this for at least four years (maybe five? maybe more?) that we know everyone in the dental office.  It’s more like we’re attending the party, but we just clean up afterwards. Haha

I got done so early with the catering job that I was able to catch Kaila at home on her way to her second party of the evening!  A quick in to some holiday pajamas - yes I just had some festive pjs, don’t you - and I was out the door with a bottle of champagne!

Sunday morning brunch at Simone’s.  The weekend has taken it’s hold here - I’m exhausted!  I still managed to put down two mimosas though :)

Oscar and I are cooking bacon together in this photo.  He and Simone’s dog aren’t quite BFFs yet and he was begging everyone to pick him up and hold him.  Poor bub!

All the brunchers… The timer that goes off 5 times in a row SEEMED like a good idea.

And that’s pretty much it.  If you read My Weekend Top 5 then it fills in some additional blanks. I hope you all had a fantastic kick-off holiday weekend and you survived the tumblr blackout!

Oooh girls… they wanna have fuUn!

More photos from Saturday night… I couldn’t not post these.

Shortly after midnight many costumes were ditched and replaced with pajamas.  And just like every other party, the girl somehow managed to separate from the men.  Not for long though, several trouble makers crashed our party. ;)




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