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Attempts A Movie Review...

Tonight on the way home from the movies I joked with Mr. Goddard that I should start featuring movie reviews on the blog because we go so regularly.  I like to go to the movies, but Mr. Goddard loves to go to the movies so I now see a LOT of movies. On one of our first dates we went and saw a Harry Potter movie.  I say a Harry Potter movie because I had only seen the first two and had no idea what was going on during the film. Last I'd seen Snape was on Potter's side, but that was no longer the case.  What's my point? Mr. G had seen EVERYTHING else in the theatre so I had no other options.

Funny enough, tonight I got to choose and we had plenty of options to choose from.  Horrible Bosses, Captain America, the latest Transformers movie or FWB.  I'm happy with my choice.  It was as funny and crude as I'd hope and not one of those films where everything good you've already seen in the preview.  For example, best line of the movie - "I don't want to twatblock you".  Delivered by Patricia Clarkson who plays Mila Kunis' mother in the movie.  Similar to her role in Easy A, but still hilarious.

This movie delivered in a way that No Strings Attached didn't.  Funny throughout, although a cleverly disguised romantic comedy, Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) bring light and humor to a long standing question.  Can you have sex and still be friends?  If you want to find out the answer (we all know it's no) then see it in the theatre, it won't be a waste of your boyfriend's hard earned money.


Friday night was a double date with the Klearys at Strikes bowling alley in Rocklin.  I know that you guys were under the impression that I was super cool, but I must confess - I love to bowl.  Judge me if you will, but it would have come out sooner or later.

Look at my form.  Impressive, I know.

Final game, boys vs. girls.  Nothing brings out a man’s competitive side like a competition against the girls.  We finally played decently, it just took 2 games to warm up.

We need to go back!  Between the bar, the booze and the bull riding, I don’t think we we’re able to soak it all in!

ONE mirror.




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