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I don’t even know where to start.  The whole time I was watching the movie I was writing my tumblr review in my head.  

I don’t even know where to start… other than it’s TOTALLY RELATABLE.  Guys too!  Girls will be thinking oh my gawd, I’ve totally been there.  Oh my gawd, we’re so dumb.  Oh my gawd, (insert name here) is just like that.  It’s an eye opener.  Guys?  You’ll be thinking, yep!  Told you.  You’re all crazy and how the fuck do you live like that?

The dynamics of this movie was just perfect.  There are all points of the relationship/dating/married cycle.  There is a part of the movie where I felt smacked in the face.  Like it’s all so depressing, why do we do it?  Diana even leaned over to me and said, “this is a debbie downer”.  It’s true!  It’s really hard to see all that stuff that we ourselves have done.  Maybe not everything, but we’re guilty of one or more.

My only complaint is I think there is a partial mixed message, between the book, the title, and the actual content of the movie.  I won’t spoil it, but let me know what you think?

Funny thing happened on the way out of the theatre.  My newly single friend ACCIDENTALLY hit the ignore button on her cell phone when she was pulling it out of her purse!  She briefly met this firefighter last weekend outside a bar while he was on the job.  I had to inform her that she just pushed him to voicemail.  Oh no, she sent him signals that she’s just NOT THAT INTO HIM.

Better part, when she checked the voicemail.  It cut him off. HAHAHA!




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