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Gotta Get Down on Friday

I was off yesterday so that I could come in and cover the front desk today without going in to overtime.  I wish my days at work flew by as quickly.  Between taking the dogs to the groomers and refinishing Mr. Goddard's dresser I was barely able to make it to my movie date with Diana!  We finally, FINALLY got to go see The Help, which was fantastic.  It's so rare for a book to be turned into a movie and to be done well.  You should definitely read the book if you haven't already, but the movie is worth it too! Now I'm sitting at work, blogging.  Calling potential interviews, getting stupid ringback tones and voicemails that say, "bitch can you hear me".  I mean do you let your mother call you and hear that?  Guess that makes me an old lady to be appalled by this.  4 o'clock can't come soon enough!

I explained to Oscar that his Grandpa Kelly says the only difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is…

two weeks.





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