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…even if we are 90 and single…we can live in the same old folks home and blog about how nasty our food tastes and bitch about how we have no children to come and visit us!

Hey Missy

Blog Friend turned FIRL: Hey Missy

On Saturday I had the chance to catch up face to face with Laura of HeyMissy.  We actually met in person for the first time about a year ago when she was in town for a baby shower.  It’s funny that I first contacted Laura to ask about a letterpress recipe card she had posted on her blog. We got to emailing and realized that we had Sacramento in common.  The world got even smaller after we met for coffee that first time and realized that we knew a lot of people in common.  The world works in mysterious ways!!

It was so much fun to get together for yummy food (her pick, on her must-eat list while in town) and talk tumblr.  Something you can’t always do with your “real friends”. As single girls we (mostly me) were whining about how everyone on our dashboard seems to be pregnant or working through the beginnings of mommyhood.  I’ve got a small case of the green eyed monster, but we won’t get into that right now… Laura and I follow so many of the same people, but I was looking lots of people up while we were chatting.  It’s always great to “meet” new people.  So if I started following you this weekend it’s thanks to Laura!

I always find it fascinating when other bloggers get to meet up IRL because it’s just crazy to think about how we all started out on here a couple years ago.  In a few short years we’ve each made connections with people all over the country, some stronger than others, but nonetheless it’s definite perk. Laura is the only blogger I’ve had the privilege to meet IRL, but I hope that won’t be true forever!  Anybody making their way to Northern California, hit me up! :) 


Happy Birthday to my favorite Tumblr girl, Miss Kyle!

In honor of your 27th birthday, I give you 27 reasons why you are fabulous:

  1. You bake delicious cupcakes.
  2. You love Britney Spears, through the good and the bad.
  3. You are the oldest of three girls, just like me, and we know being the oldest rocks!
  4. You are a super girly girl.
  5. You love Julia Allison.
  6. You are a mother to the adorable Oscar.
  7. You love accessories.
  8. You have great style.
  9. You got me addicted to Twitter.
  10. You allowed me to use The Sweet Indulgence for my first website in web design.
  11. You love reading wedding blogs and looking at wedding photos.
  12. You love headbands.
  13. You love to dress up.
  14. You love all of the same bloggers as I do.
  15. You love DIY’s!
  16. You are close with your parents.
  17. You make me want to be a better Tumblr.
  18. You post your adorable outfits on Weardrobe.
  19. Hello, you’re from Sacramento! :)
  20. You love all things Glee.
  21. You’re a big fan of chick-lit books.
  22. You love Gossip Girl.
  23. Starbucks makes you happy.
  24. We know some of the same people, which we didn’t find out until after we met.
  25. You have great taste in music and I usually find new tunes from you.
  26. You have Illustrator skills that I envy.
  27. And, most importantly, you are even more fabulous in person that you are on Tumblr.

I am so happy that you e-mailed that day eons ago asking about where I found recipe cards. You are an amazing woman and I am so fortunate to have you in my life. I only wish I desired to live in Sacramento so that we could be closer together to go shopping, do crafty DIY’s, bake delicious foods, gossip about pop culture, watch cheesy girly movies, attend fabulous parties, and have an all around good time.

I hope you’re 27th year brings you wonderful friendships (old and new), fabulous memories, lots of tasty cupcakes, entertainment worth blogging, and lots of laughter & love.


This is so incredibly sweet and fantastic {just like you}!  Tumblr really is for girls.  I am so fortunate to have great friends that surround me every day and the ones I have met through the world wide web.  I really need to come visit you and this place you call Las Vegas!




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