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Wordless Wednesday {10.12.11}

N is for NEW

I know I've been a negligent blogger recently, especially this last week and I'm sorry.  As I've mention before, I'm moving over the span of this week and when I'm not doing that I'm not really in the mood to write on my blog.  Shameful, I know. Part of the reason we're moving for a week instead of knocking it out in a couple days is because our landlord has decided to do a few upgrades. *sweet* Of course we said we wouldn't mind waiting the extra week for the interior to be painted, the kitchen countertops and flooring to be replaced!  I snapped a couple of photos on Tuesday to share with you and the roommates.

I promise things will be normal again soon.  Just be patient with me!

This is called, channeling your anger in to something effective!  Not that you always have an “extra” $200 laying around from your refund, but IF YOU DO… New dresser (that I got picked up myself! I have the bruises to show for it.) and a pretty painted wall to coordinate with my new(ish) bedding.

Happy girl :)




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