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Just In Case



You never know what could happen this weekend!

Laugh it Up!

[youtube=] I'm really not a person that loves standup and if you ever have the chance to watch a comedy with me you'll probably think I have a black heart.  I typically laugh on the inside.  Maybe I'm painting the wrong picture of myself?  I do have a sense of humor and I love to's just that slap stick and jokes about your own weight don't illicit fits of laughter for me.  I have a very particular sense of humor, but when it comes to my sister Kendall - she's hilarious!  She can do scenes from Liar, Liar that would make you say, Jim who?  In September when she was home for the wedding she starting mimicking this guy I'd obviously never heard of, Mitch Hedberg.  Talking about pants, belts and belt loops and who the real hero was of this situation.  Anyways, Kendall does it best, but a little humor to start your morning off never hurt.  If you can't suffer through the 5 minutes jump to 3:58.

Happy Hump Day!

Gym Etiquette

[youtube=] Mr. Goddard poked fun at me last week for my behavior at the gym.  Now don't think the worst of me, but I'm the idiot with their headphones on smiling and laughing at whatever is on tv.  Yesterday was by far my worst, but after you watch this video you'll understand why.





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