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My Weekend According to My iPhone



Nothing exciting to report from the weekend other than Mr. Goddard's and my attempt at trying something new and acting like hipsters.  We started our Saturday at noon (it felt SO good to sleep in that late) and went out into the world in search of nourishment.  I begged to try something new, go somewhere different.  He suggested a sandwich place on Folsom Blvd. with a patio.  That sounded perfect to me so we parked the gas guzzler down the street, hidden from the disgusted look of real hipsters on their token beach cruisers.  We walked in, proudly sporting our plaid shirts.  Pink for me, blue for him.  It wasn't enough to disguise us though.  They must have smelled the expensive brand named shampoo wafting from our hair because shortly after we received our sodas and gave our orders - our server was never heard from again.  Actually, that's not true, we saw her repeatedly for the next hour.  Warmly checking on her other tables, refilling drinks and wiping down tables while our glasses remained empty and our table remained dirty.  Once the food arrived, we were disappointed to see 8 fries adorning our plates.  My chicken sandwich fell to pieces at first bite, unfortunately I had no silverware to solve my starvation problem.  Mr. G didn't even finish his burger, he was too grossed out by his raw bacon.  We pushed our food aside, the arrogant yuppies that we truly are - found another server and quickly slowly paid our bill. Tragically we will not be returning to The Shack and it seems that I nor, John Goddard are meant for a life of hipsterdom.

Memorial Day Weekend: According to My iPhone

Top Row: Getting fresh skin and eyebrows with Kim Shak, fueling up at The Habit, Oscar and snuggling with the pups. Bottom Row: Found our bridesmaid shoes, Rancho Murieta, the girl kyle in nature?, and the never ending app building.




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