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I Have News!

No like really you guys... I'm IN the news!  The LA Times!  Last Thursday in their food section, MY photo, MY name and THIS blog!  Isn't that exciting?  A few months ago a friend sent me a recipe from the LA Times for the s'more cupcake recipe you saw on here a couple weeks back.  The evening I was baking he mentioned submitting my photo of the final results to their food gallery.   So glad that he did!  The morning after I submitted my photo I was contacted by Rene at the LA Times.  After a slight mixup, she asked if I would be able to send her the photo directly so that it could be used in print the following week. In PRINT!  I couldn't be more thrilled :) If you're interested in reading what's below the photo click here.  I was not expecting to be mentioned at all!   If you'd like to see the recipe and my slight modifications click here.




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