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My Weekend According to My iPhone

I survived my first full week back at work after the holidays.  Five whole days of pants with a zipper and high heels!  How quickly I slipped into the comfort of a short work week and wearing leggings as pants in the office.  I'm not the only one who struggled last week, right?

Unfortunately the weekend just didn't feel long enough and that made this morning so damn hard!  I had to leave behind cute babies, snuggly dogs and my sleepy husband for some wicked fog and now I'm back in front of the computer screen.  Still waiting on that Kardashian money to roll in... Until then - good luck this week!

My Weekend According To My iPhone

In case you've been curious about my whereabouts or what I've been up to I can sum it up in one word - PAINTING.  My girl friend and her husband just got into their second home and my SIL is working towards putting her bachelorette pad up for sale.  I'm an experienced painter so I've been tied up, but hopefully someday in the near future it will all be paid forward when Mr. G and I buy our first home!  Plus alcohol really eases the pain...  Paint brush in one hand, beverage in the other and my favorite tunes on the radio.

Have a great week all!

My Weekend According To My iPhone

When I don't take a lot of picture on the weekend it could mean a couple of things.. One, I did nothing.  Two, I was having so much fun I didn't even think about my phone or three, I was too busy holding a drink in my hand.  I'd say this weekend was a combination of the last two.  Mr. G and I had one final wedding celebration with friends and family.  I spent most of the weekend preparing and then cleaning up from said party.  The only break was for my niece's swim meet.  Now I feel like I need another weekend to recover from this weekend!




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