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{Feel Good Friday} Pumped Up Kicks

Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People

[audio] There's no way this song won't be stuck in your head until lunch!  I included this jam on our bachelorette road trip CD last weekend, left it in Mr. Goddard's car and whether he wants to admit it or not - he's hooked too.

What's your pumped up, long weekend plans?  I was supposed to go to LA for the LA Times Food & Wine event, but it didn't end up working out for various reasons.  If you're in the area or ever have the opportunity to go - GO!  I had so much fun last year.  It was at Paramount Studios with all the Food Network food trucks and I saw Zooey Deschanel perform with her group She & Him!  This year I'll be home enjoying the house all to myself with both roommates out of town for the holiday.  After the way my schedule has been I will relish in the boredom.

{I also realize that my last FGF audio didn't work so if you need a little Ace of Base in your life this morning please visit here.}

Labor Day Weekend: Kaila might kill me for putting this picture up, but I think it’s a cute candid.  Her bf continued firing off shots while we pretended to be models.  I think we have some work to do..

Labor Day Weekend: Doing a token Julia Allison pose.  This picture doesn’t do a bit of justice to how cute Kaila’s dress is.  Guess where she got it… MARSHALLS!  She told me that it’s a whole treasure mine of name brand goodies.  How have I overlooked this all this time?!




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