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A truly sad for my fellow lions. :(

Link: A truly sad for my fellow lions. :(

Today, it was made public that they (the nuns of IBVM) will be closing the doors of my alma mater.  Loretto High School is closing it doors in June.

This is devastating.

I’ve linked you to the Sacramento Bee’s coverage of this information because people can comment on the story.  I’ve been checking it throughout the day and it’s a roller coaster of emotions.  There are students, faculty and alumni who are obviously saddened and reaching out.  There are people who aren’t even affiliated with the school at all and are offering their sympathy.  Then there are those assholes who are spouting off BS and don’t even know what they’re talking about.

I thank all those kind people who can see how much this school has meant to all of us.  I graduated eight years ago and recommend the school to anyone who has ever asked.  I planned to send my daughters there some day in my future.  Multiple people have commented on how the school has shaped themselves or women in their lives and I could not agree more.

I know there are people that will try to stop this from actually happening.  People with the money to actually do so.  I hope that our little Loretto community MIGHT be able to, but those damn nuns have God on their side (little joke).  

I’ll be posting more I’m sure as these days unfold.




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