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10 Things That Make Me Ridiculously Happy

  1. Singing a favorite song at the top of my lungs.
  2. Flirting.
  3. Being able to look up anything in question at ANYtime on my iPhone.
  4. Laying in bed and listening to the sound of the rain.
  5. Being right.
  6. My mactop.  I seriously love it.  Maybe too much.
  7. Family dinner.
  8. The first bite out of my giant bowl of mint chip ice cream.
  9. Long talks with Mr. Goddard.
  10. Teaching myself something new.

What makes you ridiculously happy?

It's O.K...

…to wear the same pair of pajamas four days in a row.
…to only do laundry once a month.
…to drink a whole bottle of wine by yourself.
…to demand a dinner date instead of meeting for drinks (AGAIN)!

This list was inspired by Glamour magazine. Kaila and I came up with this halfway in to a magnum of wine on Friday night. After we had downed 3/4 of an extra large pizza… We felt that was more than okay.

Please add yours to our list!

Breakin Down 2009

  • Guys I’ve kissed: 3 4 5{Wow that went up after New Year’s Eve}
  • Men I’ve dated: 4
  • Breakups: 1
  • Cried over said breakup: 1
  • Seen MexEx: 2
  • Trips to LA: 2
  • Trips out of CA: 0
  • Day(s) I’ve called in sick: 1
  • Times I’ve baked cupcakes: 15+
  • Albums I’ve created in iPhoto: 107
  • Photos taken: 6,076
  • Sent camera in for repairs: 2
  • CDs I’ve downloaded legally: 2
  • CDs from…somewhere else: 12
  • Concerts I’ve attended: 3
  • Played Kellie Pickler’s Best Days of Your Life: 18
  • Dressed up like Britney Spears: 1
  • Dressed up like Betty Draper: 1
  • Dressed up like a disco bunny: 1
  • Dressed like I was attending the Kentucky Derby: 1
  • Dressed to impress Julia Allison: 1
  • Dresses purchased: 13
  • Dresses never worn out of the house: 4
  • Shoes purchased: 7
  • Months I lived at home: 8
  • Times I’ve moved: 2
  • Friends that have gotten engaged: 3
  • Weddings attended: 1
  • Engagement party: 1
  • Bridesmaid dresses I’ve tried on: 3
  • Pieces of furniture I’ve painted: 5
  • Rooms I’ve painted: 2.5 (one wall that extended between two rooms only counts as a half}
  • Baseball games attended: 2
  • Hockey games attended: 3

Things that are immeasurable:

  • trips to Stockton
  • cupcakes I’ve eaten
  • texts/tweets I’ve sent
  • tardiness at work
  • white lies
  • self portraits

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me in 2010!




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