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Farmers' Libations

Farmers Libations 1

A few weeks ago I attended Raley's and FSB amazing dinner to benefit their Food For Families program at Vierra Farms.  It's funny how I've lived in Sacramento my whole life and just recently I stumbled into some really unique, local spots that I never realized existed.  My friend Kaila and I had a great time running around this beautiful venue and for anyone newly engaged - I highly recommend checking this place out!  It's a rustic bride-to-be's dream.

Farmers Libations 2

FSB had countless special details that pulled us in from the moment we drove up.  We passed through a set of shabby wooden doors to enter the orchard for the "libations" part of the evening.  Old metal Coca-Cola ice chests held cider and cold beers and a fun old timey, jazz band performed among the trees.  Someone's Pinterest board had come to fruition!

Farmers Libations 3
Farmers Libations 4

Even in the country we were not left without power.  Some people really think of everything.  Charge those iPhones and Instagram the heck out of this event we did!

Farmers Libations 5
Farmers Libations 6
Farmers Libations 7
Farmers Libations 8

At one point Kaila and I snuck off to Dave's Jumping Pillow and helped ourselves to this airbag of awesomeness.  Do not confuse it with trampoline!  It was so much fun!  Not sure if it was the drinks or the company, but we were having too much.

Farmers Libations 9
Farmers Libations 10

And of course there was dessert!  I was truly impressed with the event and this is coming from the daughter of a caterer.  I usually find it hard to sit back and enjoy myself at an event or a restaurant because you tend to have such a critical eye - watching the staff, critiquing the food, but everyone did a really wonderful job.  Down to the have dinner coffee!  Thank you to everyone and I'm so glad Raley's was able to raise so much money for a great cause.

A KIND-A-Awesome 5k!

A KIND-A-Awesome 5k #thegirlkyle
A KIND-A-Awesome 5k #thegirlkyle

Unless you've been living under a rock then you've probably heard of the happiest 5k on the planet - The Color Run.  This awesome run/walk where you sprayed with a rainbow of colors and at the end you like like a piece of funfetti cake!

A KIND-A-Awesome 5k #thegirlkyle

I'd always wanted to participate, but it was one of those things where I just really never pulled it together.  When a representative of KIND snacks contacted me about participating on behalf of their brand it was exactly the incentive I needed.  Someone was asking me to tweet and instagram?  YES.   

A KIND-A-Awesome 5k #thegirlkyle

You can even see here how diligent I am - stopping in the middle to snap the most perfect Instagram photo. 

A KIND-A-Awesome 5k #thegirlkyle

My team had a really fun time, just as we always do!  The funny thing was that I kept somehow missing the color.  Each section we walked through I came out virtually clean, the people around me were getting doused and it seemed like no one wanted to spray me! 

A KIND-A-Awesome 5k #thegirlkyle
A KIND-A-Awesome 5k #thegirlkyle

Even I'm shocked that I made it through this without hardly a touch of blue on me! 

A KIND-A-Awesome 5k #thegirlkyle

That clean white shirt didn't last though, as soon as we rounded the corner to the finish line.  People (myself included) were throwing their packets of color in the air, in my hair and just about everywhere else.  It. Was. AWESOME! 

A KIND-A-Awesome 5k #thegirlkyle
A KIND-A-Awesome 5k #thegirlkyle

Thank you so much to Kristi and KIND for the AWESOME experience at the Happiest 5k on the Planet!  I can't wait until next year. 

A KIND-A-Awesome 5k #thegirlkyle

FULL DISCLOSURE: Financial compensation was not received for this post. Sample products were gifted from KIND as well as my race ticket. Opinions expressed here are my own!


Win A Pizza Party!

Okay, not really... I needed to catch your attention and what better way than to wave pizza and cupcakes in your face?  Now that you're reading this I have a favor to ask you.  A BIG one.  I need you to use your precious email(s) to sign up or log in to KCRA's city voter site and VOTE for me as Sacramento's BEST local blogger. I know I haven't been the greatest of bloggers the last year, but look whose reigning in the Top 5?! 

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 8.36.00 AM.png

Glorious Treats is totally awesome, but these other yahoos??  SERIOUSLY - let's see some real local bloggers take their rightful place at the top.  I want to be up there with Pweekly, Best Friends for Frosting and Poor Girl Eats Well!  If I win and if you're local then you may just score an invite to my victory party, which will be waaaay better than your 4th grade pizza party.  Think about it.




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