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picatoria replied to your post: {Mailman Update}

Oh man! I’ve been waiting for this update, but I am disappointed. I was hoping for a “we went on a date” update. I guess that’s the romantic in me. Good luck finding a new crush! Unless you already have one?

Actually… I do have a little sumpin sumpin going on! I’ve tried to refrain from posting it on here because he knows about this blog… and we’ve had a somewhat of a slow start.  I didn’t want to jinx it I guess.  I’ll let you guys know soon.  Gotta feeling :)

beccaluv replied to your post: {Mailman Update}

Holy cow. Totally wasn’t expecting that ending! What was your bday present?

Trust me, I wasn’t expecting that either!  He is SO flirty.  

The present was a $25 gift card to Starbucks.  Not super personal or anything, but I think the amount is kind of a big deal.  It’s not like he bought me a cup of coffee for my birthday.  That’s almost 6 grandes you know?!

ilikeyourwigjanice replied to your post: {Mailman Update}

Ew. I hate guys

Totally not okay right?  I’ve only told a couple coworkers that I’m close with about this.  Everyone else thinks he’s gay now since he hasn’t asked me out. Haha!  Fine by me. :)




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