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Thanks Mom!

Tomorrow My Best Friend is Getting MARRIED!

For many years Simone and I have jokingly called each other wifey, but tomorrow she will truly and officially become Michael's wife.  I'm very excited that her special day is finally here and I'm going to be a part of the next chapter in her life. Love you Wifey!

"Hold out for your own Obama."

Link: "Hold out for your own Obama."


Oprah asks the Obamas, “Is [yours] a marriage to be envied?”

And Michelle replies:

I think we have a wonderful marriage. I love my husband.  He’s my best friend. But I always like to talk honestly about it because I think about other young couples who think there are no struggles to get here. And there are.  That’s part of it.  The message is - work through the struggles.  Start out with somebody that you respect and that you trust so that when you hit the bumps that are inevitable you always have that foundation. I tell Barack as mad as he can make me I look at him and I say, “I really LIKE you.  I like you. and I like the way you think and I like the person you.  It’s hard to stray to far to stay mad too long, when the person is someone you like.

And that really says it all.

The Obamas (click the link above to watch the video) have a marriage that seems very familiar to me - my parents act exactly as they do.  They aren’t perfect, but they have a deep trust and abiding respect for one another - and at the end of the day, 31 years at they marriage, they still like each other.

That’s really all it’s about, isn’t it?




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