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Milk. It's Not Just For Babies.

To some of you this may sound sinful, but I love milk.  Most adults think that's weird or gross, but when did milk become uncool??  Milk and I started to battle a bit in my early 20s when I stopped playing volleyball and I joined WW.  I didn't want to use my precious points towards a glass of milk when I could apply that instead to the coming weekend's cocktails.  Probably not what the group was talking about when we discussed a "lifestyle change", but you've got to pick your battles.  Since my days of meetings and calculating points are long behind me, my love for dairy is back in full swing.

I'll take dairy in pretty much all forms - cheese and crackers, mac and cheese, and ice cream cones.  I love me some FULL FAT!  Heavy cream in my coffee, vitamin D with my oatmeal.  Judge me.


Speaking of CHEESE, take a look at this interesting cheese timeline. My favorite is that cheese was given as a royal wedding gift in 1840.  I bet my friend Kaila would fully support this type of gift, even if it wasn't on the registry!

I'd like you to rethink dairy because it's not the enemy.  Everything in moderation (I learned that at WW), but if you don't believe me check out this link.  And tonight, I'll celebrate the final day of Dairy Month with a big fat bowl of ice cream! :)




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