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Monday Check-In

Obsessing Over: Mr. Goddard's health and my to-do list.  I can never seem to check off everything. Working On: Signing my boss' customer service letters.  I could add forgery to my resume.

Thinking About: The upcoming birthdays.

Anticipating: A nap?  Working on some of Stacy's wedding items.

Listening To: Nada.  I think I'm in a music slump.

Drinking: Coffee with stevia, coconut milk and a dash of hazelnut creamer because I need the flavor!

 Wishing: I went to bed earlier.

Monday Check-In

Obsessing Over: Money.  Where does it all go and why do I never have enough? Working On: Staying awake.  I'm ready to crawl back into bed!

Thinking About: My final weigh in tonight.  I didn't try hard enough at this fitness challenge.

Anticipating: San Francisco St. Patrick's Day on Saturday!

Listening To: Nothing.

Drinking: Coffee with stevia and coconut milk.  It's no caramel macchiato from Starbucks. BOO.

Wishing: I had more self control.

Monday Check-In

Obsessing Over: Have you tried it?  Heard of it?  Such unique items! Working On: Being thankful for what you have.

Thinking About: Stuff.

Anticipating: A nap this afternoon.  SO tired.

Listening To: Muzak.  Should I even include this anymore?  That's all I ever listen to Monday's at work.

Drinking: Coffee that my roomie so generously made for me even though she's off today!

Wishing: I could rewind time.  Sometimes.




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