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...and it begins!

On Sunday I made my first purchases for the wifey’s bridal shower.  {pat on the back}

This morning I saw that my tax refund was deposited in to my account {yay} so I promptly logged on to my MacBook and bought my bridesmaid dress!

Check and check.

List of Things New & Shiny

Novio and I were discussing yesterday his brother’s complete disregard for money management.  We all want shiny new things, but we have to pick and choose and PLAN.  Not buy everything on plastic.  It got me to thinking about all the shiny and new things I would like if money were no object because no matter how much I saved it wouldn’t be enough with my measly paycheck and all my necessary bills.

  • A white Jeep Rubicon, lifted and with a hard top.
  • Newer laptop! (haha, mine isn’t even a year old and it’s out-dated)
  • New clothes.
  • Blackberry Bold.
  • Commercial Kitchen-Aid.
  • All new bakeware; cake pans, muffin pans, loaf pans etc. etc.
  • iPod hook-up in my new Jeep!
  • Expand my pathetic heel collection.
  • I’d buy every piece of PINK clothing out there!
  • Uuumm house!  Or at least a small place to call my own.

I’m sure the list goes on and on, but that’s all I can manage to come up with right now.  I guess I’m not dreaming to big this morning.  Ha!

If I were rich, I would throw beautiful and amazing parties every month. Ones that would blow celebrity weddings and launch parties and award after-parties out of the water. I love to host.

Me, I’ve been blogging fabulous soirees for the last hour.




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