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My Weekend According To My iPhone: Monterey Style!

I was barely home 72 hours and off I went again - this time to Monterey for the annual Dad & Daughters trip we take.  We did things a little differently this year - my mom joined us at the lovely Borg's Motel and my sister Kendall is out of the country in Portugal.  We managed to squeeze some fun out of the cool temperatures and we even tried some new eateries - gasp!   Now I'm back home for about 3 weeks before I head to Vegas, Dillon's Beach and San Francisco.  No rest for the wicked! ;)

My Weekend According to My iPhone

Now I'm starting to see why celebrities act like their lives are so hard.  All the jet-setting, event attending and alcohol drinking - it really IS hard work!  Although I don't have a stylist, an assistant and hair/makeup people so maybe they're still a bunch of whiney rich people?  Either way - I'm looking forward to my final two long weekends this month with absolutely nothing planned!  In theory I'd love to lay around in leggings as pants, eating ice cream and watching the entire season of The Bachelor Pad in one sitting.  In reality I think I'll be repainting my chandelier, painting the spare bedroom and doing cool girl things like laundry.  Don't be jealous of this girl's g-l-a-m lifestyle!

Today is the FINAL Day!

In case you all missed my plea for votes yesterday, I thought I’d remind you once more. You could have a rare case of youthful alzheimers like me.  (Not really, but it feels like it sometimes.) For those of you that missed the video.. Don’t.  You really don’t want to miss that video

Today is the last day for voting so please take a couple minutes and hand over your email to yet another site. I won’t ask you for anything else.  Promise.

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