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What Mom Really Wants



1) Knit Maxi Dress, Target - Only Available in Store

2) Piloma Picasso Modern Heart Bracelet, Tiffany's $350

3) Wide Cylinder Pitcher, Crate & Barrel $29.95

4) OPI Nail Color {The Thrill of Brazil, Color So Hot It Berns}

5) Blue and White Stripe Duffle, Wallis $44.oo

6) Chardonnay, Rombauer $32.00

7) Barbed Wire Cowboy's Heart, Etsy $18.00

8) 9' iPad Cable, Geekthink $15.99

9) Ted Baker Eastre Sandal, DSW $79.94

I hate gift guides, primarily the ones that come out for Mother's and Father's Days.  Why, you ask? Good question. The easiest answer is because they suck!  90% of the time I look at it and I say to myself, who actually wants this stuff - they're older, but not dead!  And if I see something I like, it's an absurd price point.  I'm not going to spend $200 on a cute scarf and I know my Mom would rather have multiple awesome presents for $200.

I wish I knew why, in such a modern age that magazines and various online publications are sucked into such old cliches.  You know what momma wants?  A bottle of chardonnay and an iPad charger long enough for her to lay in bed with the aforementioned wine and her iPad.  She doesn't want chocolates and my Dad doesn't want some stupid gadget for the grill!

I'm sharing my own personal gift guide for cool moms who drink wine, wear maxi dresses and cute sandals.  It's such late notice so if you're a good daughter like me, you're already prepared for Sunday.  If you're more of a last minute person then.. good luck!




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