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3 B*tches + A Moving Truck



I know that this will probably come as a shock to most of you, but I've never hosted a yard sale before. / gasp I don't know why exactly.. Maybe it's the effort it takes or my slight hoarder tendencies or it's just easier to donate to Goodwill?  It seems this is a year of firsts.  As I mentioned before, I'm officially living in sin for the very first.  And as relationships go, living together is also about compromise.  Yes, I will get rid of my pink floral bedding.  No I will never keep the tupperware that organized.  I guess it would be more appropriate to call this a yard sale for the sake of relationship harmony.

If you're in the greater Sacramento area check out my Craigslist ad by clicking the photo above.  If you're a veteran yard saler, please leave me any helpful tips.  I want to get rid of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

Bedroom Inspiration

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One of the best parts (one of the only parts I like) about moving is purging some of your old, unused stuff and revamping your decor. Without internet at home right now, I've been wasting half of my work days looking at this amazing site my friend Teresa referred me to call Houzz.  A lot of people suggested Pinterest to me on Twitter, but this site allows you to ask the decorator questions and get answers back!  Some from the designers themselves or from helpful members.  If you are moving, buying a home or just love interior decorating - this site is worth browsing.  You'll probably end up hooked like me!

My View

As I was rushing to get ready this morning, just as I do every morning - I couldn't help but appreciate the change in scenery.  The view from my new bedroom window is AWESOME!  I haven't had much time to enjoy our new home because I'm busy (per usual) and when I have the time it's consumed with unpacking.  I can't wait to sand and re-paint those chairs, which I FOUND on the side of the road behind my work! Once the dust settles a little more - hopefully by next week - I'll have some more photos to share.





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