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{GPOYW} Cheers!



The Year Of Penny, I Mean Kaila.

We joked that at 28 she'd finally made it.  Kaila had her birthday promoted by a club with her pretty face of the flyer and everything!  This is what most girls do in college, but as Kaila will tell you - she's a late bloomer.  Ha! I rushed home Friday after work to decorate the house while she was out at an appointment.  There were streamers, confetti, tiny animal figurines and wild animals prints galore.  The birthday girl had requested vanilla cupcakes for her special day and I of course had to make the perfect coordinating cupcake flags.  Hopefully you'll see them soon in my etsy shop!  My other (new) roommate Amber made sure there was no shortage of yummy snacks.  We had pizza, chips and salsa, meatballs, champagne and wine!

It was one of those fun nights were there was a random mix of people.  Some long time friend, some newish friends and there were some people I'd never even met before.  Above is all the party people before we headed out to the Park downtown.  Our group grew in size and testosterone throughout the course of the evening.

The promoter brought out more cupcakes with candles and we showed our true (old) colors by singing happy birthday.  In a club. We're so cool ;) but we owned it.  Danced and drank until they closed the place down.

All and all I think it was a grand success.  The best part about going out on a Friday is that it really makes your weekend seem longer.  Saturday felt like Sunday and Sunday felt like a bonus!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!


Wedding Season Continues...

Simone, Mr. Goddard and myself attended the lovely wedding of Brad and Alice on Friday afternoon.  We went to a beautiful church in Downtown Stockton for a full Catholic ceremony!  I was sitting between the atheist and the former Mormon who were looking to me for guidance.  When to sit down, when to stand up... All those "and also with you"s.  I had to admit, 10 years after Catholic high school, I'm a little out of practice! Despite our lack of religion a good time was had by all!  I think Alice and Brad should be pleased they threw such a fun wedding!  Even our table-mates were fun and I do NOT say that often.  Most times if you don't know your entire table I find it awkward, but then again I'm awful at small talk.  John and I were chatting up a couple across from us in particular. When I asked how they'd met, in unison they told us, "we're cops".  After much chatting and one spilled glass of red wine later it looks like we may get to do a ride along with the husband.  I know you all can't wait to see a post on my experience with the law ;)  It's not every day you're on the RIGHT side of the law.

There's only one more wedding left now and I have to say as impartial as I may be, we've saved the best for last!  I can't wait to rock my daisy yellow dress in September Simone!




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