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If You Don't Have Anything Mean to Say...

Wait.  Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?  Yet, it seems like we tend to be so much freer with our mean judgments than we ever are with compliments and praise.  I'm not here to point fingers or spout rainbows, but I try to remind myself to at least have some balance.

Yesterday I was overcome by love and admiration for my boyfriend and his unwavering support of all my small endeavors.  Not something you usually catch me saying, but after a moments hesitation over the possible backlash at such a gushy tweet I did it.  So what?!  Roll your eyes at me, stick your finger down your throat -  WHATEVER!  I love my boyfriend and he's pretty awesome most of the time.  We all love praise so why not share it more?

I'm definitely the first to fake gag at over the top Facebook status updates, "Best boyfriend ever! Love him! Blah, blah, blah.".  GAG! Then I diligently "like" it although if you're at all like me you're probably just doing it to be nice.  Haven't we all regretted at some point not being more open with our feelings?  I think that's step #4 of breakup therapy, when you're obsessing over the details of what went wrong or what you could have done different.  The past is in the past, but now is my chance to make those different choices.  I want go stop being so reserved about my feelings.

What's my point?  This isn't about telling you to be some amazing, positive, happy person...  That's unrealistic, but maybe the next time your best friend gets a promotion - give her a shout out.  The boyfriend does something ordinary, but it makes you feel great - tell him!

My name is Kyle and I'm a closeted mushy girl.

Breakin' Up is Hard to Do

My baby sister called me this morning to tell me that her and her boyfriend had broken up last night.  I just about cried.  Not for the break-up, but because I didn’t want my little sister to be sad or hurting.  AND because she called me to tell me!

It felt like kind of a grown-up sisterly moment for us.  I know when I’ve had my few break-ups I pretty much keep it to myself, maybe tell one person and just wait for it to spread.  I wasn’t the first or even second person she told, but I was just happy to hear it straight from her and not through the Mom grapevine.

So now I’m feeling all mushy.  :)




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