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My Weekend According to My iPhone

Busy and creative weekend!  Headed back to Berkeley this weekend with my bestie to pick up my new dining room chairs.  I know that hardly sounds exciting, but it was quite the task to find some counter height chairs (not stools!) that we're attractive and the mister and I could agree on.  While we were there we made a pit stop at Ohmega Salvage.  If you're an HGTV watcher - this place would be a dream come true for Nicole Curtis.  I think we spent at least two hours browsing.  This place is huge and covers every asset of the home, from windows to shower handles.

Sunday was a creative day.  I had the chance to take a photography class from Michelle Drewes that was tailored to people who are just like me.  The class was for bloggers who were looking to shoot with in natural light and start shooting in manual.  It was refreshing to see so many locals that I'd admired online were also still shooting in auto and they too were still learning!  It really got my creative juices flowing.  I went straight over to the local art store to pick up some new paper and pens.  I came home and worked on Mr. Goddard's website and then doodled the rest of the night away.

Now it's back to work and I'm counting down the days until vacation!

My Weekend According to My iPhone

I survived my first full week back at work after the holidays.  Five whole days of pants with a zipper and high heels!  How quickly I slipped into the comfort of a short work week and wearing leggings as pants in the office.  I'm not the only one who struggled last week, right?

Unfortunately the weekend just didn't feel long enough and that made this morning so damn hard!  I had to leave behind cute babies, snuggly dogs and my sleepy husband for some wicked fog and now I'm back in front of the computer screen.  Still waiting on that Kardashian money to roll in... Until then - good luck this week!

My Weekend According To My iPhone

Top Left: Snuggling at the end of the weekend with my two little furry friends.

Top Right: I couldn't help a photo opp with this stunning and totally unnecessary mosaic horse at HomeGoods.

Bottom Right:  My beers from around the world flight at the Anheuser Busch brewery tour.  More on that later this week!

Bottom Left: Cheers Christmas tree!  This is how I prepared for the aformentioned tour.





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