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My Weekend According To My iPhone

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I had what I'd consider a very creative weekend, filled with spray paint, sprinkles and snapshots!  I'm really looking forward to sharing the photos that were taken this weekend by a real true, blue photographer.  In the meantime I'll share my silly iPhone shots, but fun projects are in full swing over here at TGK.  Check back soon! 

Hello Again

DSC_0027 copy.jpg

I cannot do a single thing around the house without these two being all up in business.  I thought one shadow was more than enough, but for the past six months I've warmed up to two little shadows watching my every move.  Including when I'm trying to photograph my baked goods in the living room because the natural light is better.  They're all hey what are you doing, are you going to eat that, can I just sniff it, can I, can I, can I???  Maybe this is what being a celebrity feels like?  I'm sure the paparazzi can be just as stinky and equally hairy.  Anyways, I snapped this last week and thought it was just too funny not to share.  Oscar obviously need to comb his beard throughout the day.  Dirty boy!

{GPOYW} Happy Birthday Mr. Noni!

My rascal of a puppy turns four years old today!  If feels like forty years he's been torturing me with his barking, his itching and his wet nose prints on my car windows.  Yet, most nights when I crawl into bed it's nice to have him there to chat with.  Yes, we chat.  Often.

One of Oscar's strongest qualities is that he understands what it means to be a part of this family and what it takes to be in front of the camera.  We're like a milder version of the Kardashians and he knows how to hold that pose.  For as long as it takes to get the money shot.

Even when he's overdue for a haircut and a touch up on his roots.  He owns it.

And of course, the quintessential beach shot.  He looks good even with wet hair and sand in his butt.





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