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Photo-A-Day Challenge: March

Row One {Left to Right} : 1) Up 2) Fruit 3) Your Neighborhood 4) Bedside 5) A Smile 6) 5PM 7) Something You Wore

Row Two: 8) Window 9) Red 10) Loud 11) Someone You Talked To Today 12) Fork 13) A Sign 14) Clouds

Row Three: 15) Car 16) Sunglasses 17) Green 18) A Corner of Your Home 19) Funny 20) Before / After 21) Delicious

Row Four: 22) Kitchen Sink 23) Moon 24) An Animal 25) Breakfast 26) Key 27) Your Name 28) Trash

Row Five: 29) Feet 30) Toy 31) Where You Relax

Just in case you're just joining the photo-a-day challenge, let me catch you up.  This is 365 photo montage that fat mum slim is running.  For those of us who can't commit to a whole year or just aren't that creative - she's simplified things by breaking it down each month.  Each day she provides a prompt for you.  Here's what I did in January and February.  If you'd like to try it out in the month of April then jump on over to her blog and save this month's image.

Photo-A-Day: February



If you want to participate in March's challenge, jump on over to Fat Mum Slim's blog.  To keep up with my photos throughout the month follow me on Instagram!

Row One {Left to Right} : 1) Your View 2) Words 3) Hands 4) A Stranger 5) 10 a.m. 6) Dinner 7) Button

Row Two: 8) Sun 9) Front Door 10) Self Portrait 11) Makes You Happy 12) Inside Your Closet 13) Blue 14) Heart

Row Three: 15) Phone 16) Something New 17) Time 18) Drink 19) Something You Hate To Do 20) Handwriting 21) A Fav Photo of You

Row Four: 22) Where You Work 23) Your Shoes 24) Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet 25) Green 26) Night 27) Something You Ate 28) Money

Row Five: 29) Something You're Listening To




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