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Sometimes I love engagement photos more than I love the couples photos on their wedding day.

You know how I’ve mentioned here and here that I really want a photographer friend to just follow me around all the time and snap me in my everyday environment?  Make my every day life seem a little more shiny and pretty…

Well dreams do come true my friends!  They aren’t following me around everywhere, but Oscar and I did get to sit for a little photoshoot ala super celeb status last week. My regular Thursday night date, Mark, his roommates both dabble in photography. When I say dabble what I mean is they have a million drapes set up in what’s supposed to be their dining room and three big light thingys and their own website.  Sorry, I don’t know what the lights are called.

If anyone living in the northern california area needs a photgrapher for portraits, wedding, OR to be photographed with their dog you should look them up!  I put a link on the right hand side of the screen, aptly title “paparazzi” and it will take you right to the site.

Thank you again to PJ and Megan!




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