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The Voice: Christina & The Choir

[youtube] My roommate Kaila made the joke a couple weeks ago that when Christina sings, even for 10 seconds on the show, she gets a lady boner for Christina.  Last night's performance would have put her over the edge.  Her voice couldn't be more amazing, but back that up with a  little hallelujah from the high school choir? I can't even put into words... Instead, if you can control your lady boner then you must watch this video!  ENJOY :)

Don't Tell Me What Happened...

BUT it looks like I might have chosen wisely last night!! As Kaila, Amber and I settle in to our new home we've decided to not add any additional bills (cable, dvr, internet) until we're clear on what utilities will be like for our new home.  Being responsible is awesome and it means we're missing all our favorite shows.  Although, Kaila swears that in four days without the Kardashians she's become smarter so maybe this is for the best ;)

IF anyone is interested in joining our fantasy league please leave me a comment below!

I SWEAR I never watch these shows!  Reality tv, yes.  Dating shows? Notsomuch.  I’ll give a hand to their marketing team, they have sucked me in.  Maybe it was them or MAYBE it’s Jake’s sexyass face!

Details aside, Kaila and I watched tonight and I’m basically hooked!  Here’s my number one pick after the two-hour season premiere.




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