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Slow & Steady

  • We met in July.
  • Dating since September.
  • Official since January.

...but you can never be to cautious about the dreaded Facebook relationship status!

The Modern Couple

Mr. Goddard and I are truly are the modern couple.  Not just jewelry and pretty things for me… We just bought my URL and custom CSS.  Thank you honey. ♥

{And yes, I’m finally working on converting over to Wordpress.}

{Where are all the daters?}

Excuse me if this is blunt, but where are the daters?  I feel like all the blogs are either marrieds/about to be marrieds/live in relationships or… single people.  There are those getting married, spamming us with all their beautiful, expensive ideas.  Those about to have a baby, just having a baby or trying to make a baby. Or there are those funny girls on, sharing their dates and latest crushes.

Then there’s me.

I’m not getting engaged, married or pregnant.  I’m not being chased by cute boys at my local bar or coffee shop.  I sometimes feel like, what do I have to offer you? What is my niche? I just started dating a boy. Actually that’s a bit of a lie.  Last night we realized that it’s been seven months (withasmallbreak).  We’re not living together so there’s no domesticated bliss to be posted.  I’m trying to figure out what to share that “the people” want to hear while keeping in mind that my parents read this, my friends and Mr. G’s coworkers. Haha :)

We typically don’t hesitate to share when we’re venting, bitching and complaining.  That was probably the main reason I joined Twitter. I wanted to word vomit every thought that popped into my head.  Usually complaining about work, people’s driving and my roommate at the time.  I know I tend to stray away from sharing (too much) when I’m happy and content because who wants to hear from that obnoxious happy girl?  Only other obnoxious happy people.  Amongst friends, it could be viewed as bragging or make you want to stick your finger in your mouth and pretend to gag.  So how do I walk that fine line?  And where are the other girls walking this fine line too?  I want to know where the other girls are that are.

{Let me also excuse myself from offending any of you married people and those having babies.  At twenty-eight, I’m just jealous.}




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