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A Happy Reunion

A few months back my Mom offered my baby sister a plane ticket for her birthday.  It was her choice when she wanted to come home. For her actual birthday in May or in June for Simone's bridal shower.  She opted for the latter and it's been complete torture for all of us in the know to keep it a secret! {Especially me.} Caitlin flew in to town last night and we made our way downtown to try to surprise my Dad while he was at work.  My Dad's job is a little unusual so he's not just sitting in an office somewhere... We managed to score a seat on the patio at the newly reformed Sterling Hotel despite their being closed for a private event.  We became new best friend's with their event coordinator Jessica, who even brought us a bottle of wine while we waited for my Dad to show up!  In the end, it all worked out.  I think my Dad was more than pleasantly surprised. :)

{Don't adjust your screens.  My sister's hair IS pink.}

I had a little surprise waiting for me downstairs this morning. Compliments of my beautiful roommate!

Am I the only one...

who hides when they hear their dog coming so they can jump out and go BOO!

I laugh so hard when he jumps.

I’m a bad mom.




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