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A Brother Can't Twirl?

[youtube=] OMG!  I seriously cannot wait for the new season.  Love.  Love.  Love!

Don't Tell Me What Happened...

BUT it looks like I might have chosen wisely last night!! As Kaila, Amber and I settle in to our new home we've decided to not add any additional bills (cable, dvr, internet) until we're clear on what utilities will be like for our new home.  Being responsible is awesome and it means we're missing all our favorite shows.  Although, Kaila swears that in four days without the Kardashians she's become smarter so maybe this is for the best ;)

IF anyone is interested in joining our fantasy league please leave me a comment below!

The Bachelorette & A Mystery Suitor

Who is ready for tonight's opener?  -- That would be this girl! Now, if you haven't done so already then you need to join the site Fafarazzi.  If you love reality shows then this will only add to your enjoyment!  You can create your own fantasy league with your friends and root on the men every monday to makeout with Ashley, get drunk, fight and watch her shed those predictable tears.

The team on the left is my picks for the upcoming week.  I used the ever predictable method of looks + occupation, but unfortunately only two met my criteria so I went with the wild card.  Some freak wearing a face mask is a sure bet to make it into next week, right?  Don't worry, the premiere isn't scored so if you haven't joined yet there's plenty of time!

{Leave a comment if you're interested in joining a league with me.}




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