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{Thanksgiving 2010}

I’m back at work after five GLORIOUS days off!  I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had that many days off.  Probably not since I went full time because I’m not really a vacationer, more of a long weekend kind of girl :)

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday and are gearing up for the next one (my birthday) I’m sure!

I brought visors for everyone to decorate the night before Thanksgiving.  Last at the walk in Chico people were so decked out that we needed a little family/team unity.

Our family’s visors.

All geared up for Chico’s Run for Food!  My aunt made us the scarves last year and then we added the visors this year.  I’m not sure how we’ll top this look in the upcoming years.  We just need to keep adding to our ridiculous outfits.  I think we need matching, obnoxious tennis shoes!

This our toast to my Aunt Rita, otherwise known as a “tostarita”.  Until I was 18 our Thanksgivings were always spent at my Aunt Rita’s beach house in Cambria.  She was another woman in the family who loved to throw a party and host big dinners.  My uncle even made a special large wooden attachment for their dining table for these such occasions. In the years since her passing we’ve kind of been a family who floats, not really knowing where or who to spend our Thanksgiving with.  This year I think Rita would have been very to see our little family around the table drinking wine and burning ourselves with glue guns. ♥

My salted banana pudding pie!!  I’ll be posting the recipe up soon on my baking blog, the Sweet Indulgence.

Another Thanksgiving tradition - except we had to go get them ourselves!  Shame Chico family!  Shame on you ;)  Mandarins from Tony’s, a major stand off the freeway that’s open all year around.

After this last photo was taken I spent the remainder of my weekend in bed.  On Saturday I seriously didn’t get out of bed till after 1pm!  There was no need when computer was stocked with Human Target season 1 and Kaila was delivering lattes to my room.  I was close to hermit status had it not been for a trip to the movie theatre.

Now let’s move onward - my birthday and Christmas! Yay!

Gettin’ my turkey trot on!




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