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{Weekend Top 5}

  1. My unbirthday at Shady Lady was AMAZING.  So many great friends in my life.
  2. Seeing my high school bestie, Nicolina.  She lives in Vermont now and our time together is always so much fun!
  3. Kicking some ass at beer pong against two VERY confident young men.  It was only my third time playing.  I may be gifted.
  4. Deep kitchen clean.  I kind of got on this weird roll today.
  5. Lifetime Movie: Sundays at Tiffany’s.  TWO ridiculously good looking men, Alyssa Milano and Rizzo from Grease!

Weekend Top 5

1) Dining on a feast of chicken, salad and WT cheesy potatoes. Prepared for me by non other than Miss Kaila. Nom nom nom.

2) A short and sweet visit with my good friend Teresa. Sometimes she feels more like my therapist and I should write her a check when I leave.

3) Wearing pajamas to a party. Pajamas! I wish there was a pajama party every weekend.

4) Singing along to Katy Perry’s Fireworks at the top of my lungs with old friends and new. Breaking it down to Black Eyed Peas at the end of the night wasn’t shabby either. :)

5) Mimosas and waffles for brunch.




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